July 28, 2011

Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases

Readily ignitable material such as weeds and long dry grass shall be removed within 10 feet of any container.
The minimum separation between liquefied petroleum gas containers and flammable liquid tanks shall be 20 feet, and the minimum separation between a container and the centerline of the dike shall be 10 feet. The foregoing provision shall not apply when LP-gas containers of 125 gallons or less capacity are installed adjacent to Class III flammable liquid tanks of 275 gallons or less capacity.
Filling of fuel containers for industrial trucks or motor vehicles from industrial bulk storage containers shall be performed not less than 10 feet from the nearest important masonry-walled building or not less than 25 feet from the nearest important building or other construction and, in any event, not less than 25 feet from any building opening.
Filling of portable containers, containers mounted on skids, fuel containers on farm tractors, or similar applications, from storage containers used in domestic or commercial service, shall be performed not less than 50 feet from the nearest important building.
The filling connection and the vent from the liquid level gages in containers, filled at point of installation, shall not be less than 10 feet in any direction from air openings into sealed combustion system appliances or mechanical ventilation air intakes.
Agricultural air moving equipment, including crop dryers, shall be shut down when supply containers are being filled unless the air intakes and sources of ignition on the equipment are located 50 feet or more from the container.
For temporary heating such as curing concrete, drying plaster and similar applications, heaters (other than integral heater-container units) shall be located at least 6 feet from any LP-gas container. This shall not prohibit the use of heaters specifically designed for attachment to the container or to a supporting standard, provided they are designed and installed so as to prevent direct or radiant heat application from the heater onto the container. Blower and radiant type heaters shall not be directed toward any LP-gas container within 20 feet.
If two or more heater-container units, of either the integral or nonintegral type, are located in an unpartitioned area on the same floor, the container or containers of each unit shall be separated from the container or containers of any other unit by at least 20 feet.
When heaters are connected to containers for use in an unpartitioned area on the same floor, the total water capacity of containers manifolded together for connection to a heater or heaters shall not be greater than 735 pounds (nominal 300 pounds LP-gas capacity). Such manifolds shall be separated by at least 20 feet.
Containers connected to a manifold shall have a total water capacity not greater than 735 pounds (nominal 300 pounds LP-gas capacity) and not more than one such manifold may be located in the same room unless separated at least 20 feet from a similar unit.
§1910.110(b)(6)(vi), (b)(6)(vii), (b)(14)(v)-(vii), (b)(14)(xiv), (c)(5)(v)(b)-(d), (c)(5)(vi)(b)

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