July 19, 2011

Oxygen — Distance between System and Exposures

Combustible Structures
Fifty feet from any combustible structures.
Fire Resistive Structures
Twenty-five feet from any structures with fire-resistive exterior walls or sprinkler buildings of other construction, but not less than 1/2 the height of adjacent side wall of the structure.
At least 10 feet from any opening in adjacent walls of fire resistive structures. Spacing from such structures shall be adequate to permit maintenance, but shall not be less than 1 foot.
Flammable Liquid Storage Above-Ground
For capacities up to 1,000 gallons, 50 feet. For capacities of 1,001 gallons or more, 90 feet.
Highly Combustible Materials
Fifty feet from solid materials which burn rapidly, such as excelsior or paper.
Slow-Burning Materials
Twenty-five feet from solid materials which burn slowly, such as coal and heavy timber.
Seventy-five feet in one direction and 35 feet in approximately 90° direction from confining walls (not including firewalls less than 20 feet high) to provide adequate ventilation in courtyards and similar confining areas.
Congested Areas
Twenty-five feet from congested areas such as offices, lunchrooms, locker rooms, time clock areas, and similar locations where people may congregate.
Wood and long dry grass shall be cut back within 15 feet of any bulk oxygen storage container.
§1910.104(b)(3), 104(b)(10)

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